Please take a moment to read through these frequently asked questions before contacting the site by email as the answers you are after may be answered here.

What should I bake?

Baked foods that

  • won’t need to be refrigerated.
  • can be eaten without cutlery.
  • don’t have icing on it.
  • are either savoury or sweet (we’re seeing the savoury foods get eaten VERY quickly)
  • Sausage rolls, egg/bacon tarts, muffins, date loaf, gluten free brownies, biscuits, no bakes slices…
  • Check out’s Picnic Recipes for more ideas.

More than food people are also after bottles of water – especially cold. Other cold drinks such as poppers and cans are also VERY welcome by volunteers.

Fresh fruit is also most welcome. Washed and wrapped in glad wrap is the best way to hand them out.

How should I package my Baked Relief contribution?

There are just a few things to keep in mind when wrapping up food to help make it easier for everyone.

  • Please portion/cut the food into individual portions.
  • Please try to individually wrap portions so it’s easier for vollies with messy hands.
  • If you can label items with what they are and even a list of ingredients this will help those with allergies/special dietary requirements.

Can I deliver my items to volunteers directly?

Yes! By all means please bring your Baked Relief out to a suburb close to you which has been affected. While there are some people who may be able to help take your Baked Relief out there, we need an army of people (you) to help spread Baked Relief where it’s needed most.

Where should I bring my Baked Relief?

Digella will update her blog regularly and locations will be posted on and also reposted on so check regularly for locations.

But the most up to date place to find requests and locations is on Twitter.

@BakedRelief@digellabakes and @melkettle


Or even better, look up #bakedrelief
as requests are coming through all the time.
If you know a location that has been affected by flood, some people have also been just driving to these areas and going street by street looking for people working to clean their homes. This has been a great way to find people who may not have been reached by as many volunteers.

If you find somewhere that you think is in need of more volunteers or Baked Relief please post their information on Twitter with the hashtag #bakedrelief and we will include them in future updates.

What else should I do if I am handing out Baked Relief?

Carpooling is a great way to reduce traffic on the road and it’s also good to have someone with you to help carry food and water around.

Make sure to wear protective shoes, sunscreen and a hat. It’s hot and sunny out there!

Bring serviettes/paper towel and a bottle of hand sanitizer – for both you and the people you are feeding.

Have a BIG SMILE on your face and tell them you are bringing Baked Relief to help keep them going. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO PEOPLE!

What if I can’t go out to deliver but I want to bake?

We have people in the Baked Relief community who may be able to pick up from you or that you can drop off to that will make sure it goes to where it’s needed. The best way to find these people is on Twitter.@digellabakes and @melkettle

I sent an email but no one has replied yet. What’s happened?

The people involved in Baked Relief are only human and are volunteering their time too. We have been so inundated with emails that it’s difficult to keep up which is why we have been using blogs and twitter to post information.
The answer to the most common questions are on this page.
If you are looking for places to deliver to please see Where should I bring my Baked Relief? under the FAQs. If what you’re after is not on this page and your email has not been replied to please be patient as we try to answer everyone.
Or even better, look up #bakedrelief
as requests are coming through all the time.

4 Responses to “FAQs”

  • Nicole:

    Hi #bakedrelief,

    I have baked goods for the weekend (in freezer currently, as recommended). I also have another girlfriend who is baking scones for the weekend. I am not on twitter. How do I make contact with someone on/by the weekend to know where to drop off?


  • Dianne:

    Heard about what you guys are doing, it’s brilliant, and I know it would be greatly appreciated. I am in Gladstone, CQ, with floods surrounding us north, west and south. Am trying to find someone up here doing the same thing
    Brilliant idea!

  • A lot of people brought the workers of Goodna food and I have got to say, nothing made me happier. After a long hard day of working – you get really hungry – and sometimes you forget to bring food because you’re just so excited to help. Without a doubt, though, there was always someone handing out cakes, slices or drinks. I swear I’ve had the BEST nana food since starting cleanup. Comforting!

  • Beck:

    I live in Adelaide, but am horrified with what has happened to the people in Qld (let alone what appears to be NSW & Vic too).

    You brought a tear to my eye while reading about the good deeds you are doing. You are all amazing people!

    Keep up the good work, every little bit helps, and you would be helping in ways you don’t even understand!


For the most up to date information about #bakedrelief please check twitter. @BakedRelief, @digellabakes or @melkettle or search #bakedrelief at