Adopt a Family – Brought to you by Brisbane Adoption

So many people are asking how they can help. Why not adopt a family, elderly couple or a child and help them out….now and long after the water and mud has gone! THIS IS FOR ANY FLOOD AFFECTED PEOPLE ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA… The Heart Army!!
This is a site which was created because so many people want to be hands on and directly help people. If could be something as simple as delivering them a meal once a week for a while, or buying a child school books and becoming their penpal…..or simply driving a family around every now and again to Centerlink or any services that can help them such as house hunting….or sourcing furniture, clothing. For some families your their link to resources and the outside world….their advocate, their friend and most importantly its directly helping – you can give as much or as little as you can….TIME IS A GREAT GIFT!

The sky is the limit and even the smallest example of love and care…..means the world!

A crew of people working hard to get help to families. Baked Relief supports their great work!

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