Collection date extended until Friday June 17 – so many more companies and people have put the word out to get involved and we have a huge need to fill! Cookbooks in high demand! FANTASTIC

Lets just say you love cooking and creating in the kitchen and you lost all of your cookbooks during a flood or cyclone.

As I have around 100 cookbooks collected over many years and some from my grandmother, I would be very upset if they were gone forever.

I know we can not replace the sentimental aspects of this loss, but what we can do is bring back a small ray of cooking hope!

Have a good look through your bookshelves and pick out a cookbook or two or 10 that you no longer use but would love to see go to a home cook who is longing for something to inspire them again.  

We have received at least 1500 books so far and passing them on to families rebuilding their lives has been so rewarding!

If you are able to become a location for drop off of books, please email me on and we can arrange those books to be transported out to cooks who need them. Otherwise, the current drop off locations are:

Up until the end of May 2011, you can drop off  your donated cookbooks to the following locations:

Treasurer Wayne Swan’s Office – 1162 Sandgate Road, Nundah


Elmarie van der Walt – 46 Gilford Crescent, Albany Creek


Or mail them to:

Baked Relief – PO Box 3175  -  Newmarket  Qld  4051


NB: Please good quality cookbooks ONLY (no children’s books, fiction, other nonfiction or magazines are required) Think – Is this a book I would like to receive? That should be the guideline of what you donate. You would be surprised at the lack of quality and broken goods which are donated.

Also, if you have favourite heloom recipes which you would love to share with another cook, please email them to:


UPDATE: 19 May. The response has been amazing. The joy we have seen in the faces and hearts of women we pass these books on to has been heart melting.

Their spirits have been lifted, they can get excited about cooking again and achieve something simple, where ever they are living (most are still not back in their homes)


 This note from Laura Wood, who was the first cook we helped with a cookbook and the one who gave us the idea to launch this project:

4 Responses to “Cookbooks for Cooks”

  • Good morning
    This is a fantastic idea, I will be looking through mine today, although don’t have many as we only moved from NZ coming up 3 yrs ago now…but I am sure I have something to pass on…I will also pass this onto friends and ask them as well…
    I can’t believe that some people think that it is ok to give away there rubbish….

  • Elspeth:

    Thanks for the guidelines – very good criteria you suggest here. Maybe some that don’t look like good quality are ones that have been well used and loved and also once belonged to Grandmothers.
    Anyone who hears about your project is truly impressed by the concept.

    • Elspeth,
      I totally agree. I have been so impressed by some of the beautiful heirloom styled cookbooks. These ones have been saved for some of the die-hard bakers and real lovers of cookery (like me) and I save them for these women who have lost all their books. The enjoyment I get from seeing the faces of the women I give those really special ones too is HUGE! And stumbling across little hand written notes in some, fantastic!

      I simply love old books, cook books especially. Most of my most made cake recipes come from books from the 50s and 60s!

      By ‘Good quality’ books I am meaning not books which have chapters missing from them, are mouldy or a missing a cover. Yep, I have seen a few of these.

      Thank you for your ongoing support! Has been fantastic.

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