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“Anzac is not merely about loss. It is about courage, and endurance, and duty, and love of country, and mateship, and good humour and the survival of a sense of self worth and decency in the face of dreadful odds.”
~Sir William Deane

Thousands of Anzac biscuits and fruit cakes have made their way around drought affected Queensland and into the mailboxes of farming families. These anonymous gifts of baked love made by ordinary Queenslanders during February and… March sent the message to farmers that we are thinking of you, and we care.

With nearly 90% of the state now drought-declared, it is time again to show our farmers the spirit of mateship and let them know we care. “This is a call to arms, a call to bake, a call to launch your own branch of Baked Relief, to once again rally and support our farmers,” Baked Relief founder Danielle Crismani explained.

We have seen over the past few months what a profound impact the simple act of home baking can have. Each item, wrapped with paper or ribbons, carried a hand written note, and with it best wishes from the city to the bush. “This isn’t about feeding tummies, this is about feeding hearts,” Danielle says.

As Anzac day approaches we reflect that drought may not be war but for farmers in 90% of the state of Queensland now drought declared, it is a battle of survival. It is a relentless struggle and we want to show them we care.

Now Baked Relief is encouraging people to bake Anzac biscuits forAnzac Day and include a personal note to a farming family.

For Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Anzacs and fruit cakes can be dropped off to selected locations on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th April 2014. These will be distributed to the farming community via the Queensland Rural, Regional & Remote Women’s Network (QRRRWN).

In other regions around Queensland Baked Relief is looking to recruit volunteers to manage Baked Relief branches that respond to local needs.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit Baked Relief on Facebook, or and join the conversation on twitter via #lovetothewest #bakedrelief.

Media Contacts:

Baked Relief ~ Danielle Crismani

QRRRWN ~ Georgie Somerset
0428 390 984


Baked Relief – Baked Relief is a direct giving network founded by Danielle Crismani after severe flooding devastated parts of Queensland, Australia.
Initially providing baked goods to State Emergency Services volunteers who were sandbagging around Brisbane the direct giving network continues to grow and help families affected by natural disasters mainly in Queensland and at times interstate and internationally.

QRRRWN – (Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network: you say it Q-wren) is a not-for-profit organisation with a twenty year track record of providing personal and professional development opportunities to connect women right across the state. QRRRWN connects women to opportunities to learn, to share their knowledge and experience, to mentor and support each other and to connect more effectively and powerfully with industry, with business and with government.

Baked Relief is launching a new website ASAP.

Until then check out the following links.

Or our Facebook page

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Can you believe it has been 11 months since the first flooding began in Queensland and almost 10 months since the tragedy in Grantham and the many homes destroyed in South East Queensland?

This has changed the lives of many. Touching many people. Altering my life forever.

The wonderful volunteers who helped in all aspects of these floods are heroes!

With the generous hearts of so many we have shipped more than 1500 brand new cookbooks and 2000 pre loved cookbooks to those who have been flood affected and helped them to get cooking again. These cookbooks have made their way as far as Darwin (where flood waters washed away houses too) and Christchurch to assist Baked Relief NZ volunteers with recipes!

Also, the eagerness of Schools, 612ABC Brisbane and individuals to assist, more than $20,000 worth of brand new winter PJs made their way around South East Queensland, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and Oakey warming families from the cold of winter while the rebuilding commenced for many.

This is a fantastic achievement!

I have met so many wonderful people and some inspiring people who have brought tears to my eyes. One of those was Craig Michaels who founded Connected Relief.

The day I finally got around to visiting the warehouse in Banyo I kicked myself for not getting there sooner. That was after I spent 30 mins holding in the tears in awe of what this one amazing person has built through a vision and the support of (again) amazing volunteers.

Right then and there I knew I wanted to be more involved with Connected. I knew Craig and his team shared the core values of Baked Relief.

Baked Relief + Connected Relief = Together we can achieve more.

Please go to Connected Relief’s website HERE to see how you can help and follow them on Twitter @connectedrelief

Today Baked Relief, along with Brisbane Adoption / The Heart Army have launched the Warm a Child PJ Relief Project.

Brisbane Adoption / The Heart Army is working with more than 700 registered families to assist them to get their lives back to normal after the natural disasters in Queensland in the Summer of 2010/2011.

Baked Relief was a movement started in Brisbane initially providing food to emergency services, and volunteers and flood affect families during the early stages of the flood clean up.

These two groups have joined forces on the PJ relief project because the share the same ideals and values of assisting families in a nurturing way.

We have spent time talking and supporting each other and talking about what we can do to help families more. Baked Relief has been working with Brisbane Adoption to target and meet any needs we can with regard to cookbooks, baking needs, kitchen appliances and anything kitchen or cooking related to help lift their spirits. This has been an amazing discovery! Those who love cooking and baking instantly smile when we take them a cookbook or some baking tins. But sometimes there is a little more outside our ‘kitchen scope’ we can do!

We have partnered with Brisbane Adoption / The Heart Army to get new pajamas for children to keep them warm in the cold. Go to their website HERE

About The Heart Army

The Heart Army is a collective group of passionate and determined individuals who have all come together to assist our fellow Australians after the wake of the 2011 floods and cyclones that devastated much of Queensland. Whilst The Heart Army work in conjunction with a number of wonderful charities, we are an independent charity who rely solely on the support of the public for donations of goods, services and monetary assistance.

How does a school get involved?

We are looking to team with schools (primary and high school) to advertising this project in their newsletters and websites. Arrange a collection period, a two week campaign is a good is a period of time to run this.

Encourage parents to purchase the size and gender that their child would wear. This ensures a good cross section for the children we are helping.

Email Danielle Crismani on and provide a contact number and we can get the project on the way for your school.

How can families get involved?
Purchase some new pjs, again your child’s size and gender and drop them at one of our collection points listed below or send them to:

Baked Relief PO Box 3175, Newmarket Q 4051

If you have been flood affected, please get in contact with us. We can offer you cookbooks, Pjs and put the call out for any kitchen related items for you! Also, go to the Heart Army website to register and they can help you start your life again!

On Sunday 22 May 2011 Danielle Crismani (that’s me!) will be presenting Blogs and Baking: How can food bring a community together? 

We have a story to unfold which links our lives together and I am using photos to take everyone on the journey which has brought us to were we are now and how food and family and community grow.

Like Tess Curran quoted in the Baked Relief artical in Peppermint Magazine

“From the outpouring of kindness we can all take heart, and remember that even those who have lost everything have gained one thing: Community.”

It has taken days for me to put together the presentation. It has been an emotional time, to say the least. Just reliving all the photos, stories, hugs, laughs and tears. So much trauma, yet so much hope and inspiration.

Truly amazing.

I hope to see you there. It will also be a chance to meet other people involved in the Baked Relief journey and hear their stories first hand.

Through twitter this week, I thought I would post a photo every day of one of the images I will share on Sunday. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed. @bakedrelief @digellabakes

To see a PDF of all the senstational sessions from the Ideas Festival, go HERE

Were you a “mud army” volunteer?

If you helped in the recent Brisbane floods cleanup work, we would like to talk with you as part of University of Queensland research. We are interested in your thoughts + feelings of your flood volunteering experience.

Research participants will go into a draw to win one of three movie gift cards, each valued at $40.

You will be interviewed by one of three student researchers from the School of Journalism and Communication.

Your answers are completely confidential to the research team and are not linked to any identifying information.

Who: 48 flood cleanup volunteers 18+

What: 25 minute interview

When: Between 10.10am and 2.40pm

Date: Either Sat May 7 or Sun May 8

Where: City

To have your interview scheduled + for full address details + map link, contact the research supervisor, with your preferred interview day on or phone 3346 8293.

We are collecting cookbooks for those families who have been flood and cyclone affected, see HERE for more information.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

What a great day hosted by The Fox Hotel in South Brisbane. Thousands of dollars raised will go families who need it most.

Everyone who attended had a great day with lots of laughs and a chance for the bus of residents from Lockyer Valley to leave some issues behind for a day.

Thank you Bundy Rum, The Fox Hotel and all the Baked Relief supporters who attended. It was great to have Sam from Brisbane Adoption – Heart Army which is an amazing organisation which Baked Relief is working along side to achieve more for families!

Go to the story which Emma Sykes of ABC Local has photographed and written HERE

These photos were taken by Emma Sykes of ABC Local.

ABC Local: Emma Sykes

Photo: ABC Local: Emma Sykes

Photo: ABC Local: Emma Sykes

Photo: ABC Local: Emma Sykes


16 April 2011

12 Noon

The Fox Hotel

Street Party

18+ Event

What is Watermark? 

“This is the mark that marks the point where the floodwaters peaked. It marks the day when ordinary people showed their iron will, giving to others when their own lives were gutted. It marks the spirit in this town and every town on the hard road to recovery. This is a day to mark in your memory. When people came together had a drink, a laugh and kept going.”

In the recent January Brisbane Floods, 14,972 homes and businesses were completely swamped and 18,025 partially flooded. Bundaberg Rum is organizing a state-wide flood relief event called Watermark that will be held simultaneously in pubs across the state on the 16th April to support flood victims and to help local flood affected businesses get back on their feet. 

The iconic Fox Hotel in South Brisbane bore the brunt of the rising Brisbane River, the receding floodwaters revealing that their cellars and Main Bar had been inundated and left waterlogged and covered in sticky brown sludge.

The Fox has repaired and refurbished and is now wanting to host the biggest flood relief party Brisbane has seen to help their fellow flood-affected Queenslanders in the Lockyer Valley.

Sponsored by Bundaberg Rum and The Fox Hotel, WATERMARK is a tribute to all the victims of the floods and the heroic resilience of Queenslanders. Funds raised from this event will go directly to families in Helidon and Murphy’s Creek in the Lockyer Valley. These families have been hit hard by damage to homes, property and infrastructure. As most families are only receiving 20% of the insured value of their homes, they need to rebuild with very limited funds. They are not benefiting from any of the Grantham Flood Support Fund-raising.

Baked Relief have provided brand new kitchen start-up kits, linen, cookbooks and vouchers for groceries so far, but more is needed. The Fox Hotel has teamed up with Baked Relief and now share the philosophy of providing practical, on the ground support to families by providing credit at local stores for the purchase of goods. The benefit of this is three fold. Firstly it empowers the families to make their own choices about products to suit their needs, secondly Baked Relief is financially supporting the local economy and thirdly we are supporting the local store owners, many of which have also been affected by flooding.

Money can’t buy prizes, will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The Grand Auction will be the afternoon highlight event, showcasing the hottest and most coveted items available in Brisbane right now. 

Make sure you are at the Fox Hotel on Saturday the 16th of April and support those who have lost so much.

For the most up to date information about #bakedrelief please check twitter. @BakedRelief, @digellabakes or @melkettle or search #bakedrelief at