Baked Relief is a movement started by Danielle Crismani aka Digella after severe flooding devastated parts of Queensland, Australia. Separated from her boys who were with her mum (whose property was affected by flooding) and needing to do something, she came up with the idea to start baking some relief for the State Emergency Services volunteers who were sandbagging around Brisbane.

She put the word out about what she was doing on her blog and on Twitter and Facebook and offers of help and baking came rushing in. It has just grown beyond imagining since then and Baked Relief is now in the hands of hundreds of home cooks and bakers and is reaching people who are recovering from the floods and cyclone and all of those thousands of volunteers helping them.

Baked Relief provided food to people, to Volunteering QLD, the SES, QLD Police, Fire & Ambulance workers, the military helping clean up and just anyone who was out there doing what they could.

The Lockyer Valley & FNQ New Beginnings, Cookbook Drives, Christmas in July projects are just a few of the initiatives being worked on as a way to continue to support families affected by the natural disasters of 2011.

Baked Relief has evolved from the first plate of food Danielle brought to her local SES and is continuing to grow and progress through phases that will hopefully be long term support for those in need.

Throughout this whole process the imporance of providing support directly to families affected by using local businesses has been key in rebuilding these towns.

Check back on our home page here to see what projects are currently underway.

For more information about Danielle and what she has been doing please visit her blog.

7 Responses to “About”

  • Helen Kelly:

    Just dropped off a whole swag of baked fruit cake slice to the Police Ttation at Brookes Street, Fortitude Valley. As soon as he saw them he said, come on through! ;D

  • belle:

    I had tears in my eyes reading your account of Fernvale. The people in the Lockyer Valley are so in need of some extra help.

    Thank you for all your hard work, that really is making a difference in peoples lives!!

  • Leonie Brennan:

    Just simply … ‘Thank You’

  • Joanne Hutchison:


    I’ve posted about your fabulous idea on Facebook with the link to this site. Hope you don’t mind. A friend and I will be baking this afternoon to drop off at Graceville tomorrow morning.

    Looking at doing Zucchini Slice, Banana Muffins, Chocolate Cake etc. Any other suggestions?

  • Katie:

    I just found your site today and was so encouraged to see what you’ve coordinated! My mum and I spent all weekend cooking sweet and savoury muffins, sausage rolls, and choc crackles for some friends to take with them to Ipswich (we live on the Gold Coast). We also bought a supply of water to send as well. We were both feeling guilty to not be ‘physically helping’ with the clean up yet but now we now realise what we did do would have been appreciated even though we weren’t there personally to deliver it and see people enjoy it! In all we made about 230 individual serves. We’re not the best cooks but we enjoyed doing something to help! (My son also enjoyed doing to taste testing of both the mixture and the final product – he was our quality controller!!)

    Keep up the good work and if we can, we’ll do some more although I am back at work tomorrow so won’t have as much time.

  • Digella – what an outstanding job you are doing. Very inspiring everyone.

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